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May 20, 2007

IM+ for Skype (Symbian)

IM+ for Skype

IM+ for Skype Software allows you to perform Skype functions and experience Skype features on your mobile. Chat with your Skype contacts, call them, enjoy the conveniences of Skype on your mobile device. IM+ for Skype Software is available for BlackBerry RIM devices and Symbian Series 60 v.3 phones .


# Stay in touch with Skype contacts
# Call and commmunicate with anyone at a low cost
# Get rid of high long distance and international call charges
# Communicate securely
# One-Time Fee. Get all future updates for free


# Call Skype contacts on their PCs
# Call any landline or mobile phone
# Receive calls from Skype contacts
# Get full presence status support
# Exchange instant text messages with your Skype contacts
# Receive notifications of missed calls and new voicemail messages

IM+ for Skype (Symbian) - Download

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