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June 11, 2005

Skype for Windows Beta


Change Log
10.06.2005 version Beta

* known issue: when you have chatted a lot, new version startup might take several minutes
* known issue: crashes on Windows 98
* bugfix: removed redundant quotes in Send Contacts dialog
* bugfix: access violations when launching Skype in some languages
* bugfix: Skype took 100% CPU on some mashines during startup
* bugfix: access violation if changing language when being logged off
* bugfix: focus was moving in search
* bugfix: Outlook importer did not find all possible e-mails
* bugfix: new profile dialog did not fit to 800x600 screen
* bugfix: search: searching for 50+ did not give any results
* bugfix: authorization requests did not work on some cases
* bugfix: multichat window participant's icon indicated active call, though no call in progress
* bugfix: chat: dragging a file to a participant should NOT send it to all participants
* bugfix: current status is disabled in onlinestatus selector menus
* bugfix: File Transfer toolbar button disabled if address bar does not contain valid Skype Name
* bugfix: range check errors when moving window on dual-monitor setup
* bugfix: Skype did not log in automatically
* bugfix: memory leak during search
* bugfix: mute button not working if main window width too small
* bugfix: call buttons were misplaced if screen resolution changed
* bugfix: crash when sending open file
* bugfix: API: VOICEMAIL doesn't take Skype window to focus
* bugfix: API: open chat does not prefill chat message
* bugfix: API: conference tab was not always focused with SET CALL xx JOIN_CONFERENCE YY api command

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