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May 02, 2005

Skype Smartphone 'Voiceless VoIP'




However Australian firm SecureGSM says that is all hype, in a reply to the forum posting. SecureGSM claims that on the contrary, the 200Mhz TI processor of modern HTC smartphones such as the I-MATE SP3 is enough for VoIP. SecureGSM says that the Skype code is simply not optimised enough, leading to high processing power requirements.

SecureGSM goes on to debunk Skype's other excuse for not being able to include voice in its smartphone "non-VoIP" beta client, saying that it is not because of the peer-to-peer (P2P) platfrom of Skype but because Skype "is based on a non-efficient audio codec."

The Australian company notes that Skype bandwidth comsumption could be "reduced by a factor of 6, down to 6kbps without noticable voice quality reduction even full-duplex."

Mathaba.Net"Skype Smartphone 'Voiceless VoIP' and Promise of SecureGSM"

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